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Looking across the narrowsIt is beyond the scope of to provide detailed information on every aspect of the area, and there are a number of specialist websites available that might be of interest to the visitor. These include those providing background details on the river’s wildlife and heritage, and others supplying practical information that most will require during their stay (tide times, etc).

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The Helford River Association strives to protect the area and maintain its unique beauty. Representing a wide variety of stakeholders from around the Helford, its primary aim is to preserve it from inappropriate and intrusive development. It also seeks to protect the existing rights of the public over the water and its shores.

The area is renowned for its abundant wildlife, and the Helford River Voluntary Marine Conservation Area concerns itself with protecting the natural environment of the estuary for generations to come. Designated in 1987, the HVMCA works to increase the river’s biodiversity and raise public awareness of its extraordinary importance.

Tide times for the Helford are available here.

The entrance to Port Navas CreekSeveral communities around the river have their own websites. The thriving village of Constantine is home to the Tolmen Centre and also boasts its own Enterprise Company.

The parish of Mawnan is bordered on two sides by the sea, and is yet a particularly agricultural one (it is also home to most of the area’s most notable gardens). Gweek also has a village website.

Visitors to the south bank of the river might also be interested in the Helford Village Society website. This includes a particularly nice selection of historic photographs of the area.

Old boathouse at Helford

Other sites that might be of interest or useful include the BBC Weather Forecast for Mawnan, and the traffic and travel updates for the region at BBC Cornwall.

Although the Helford River area is distinctly dog friendly, those seeking to bring their family pet to Cornwall and who are unable to find the right place to stay via this site might like Paws4Rest.

Anyone wishing to learn more about the history of the river and its surrounding parishes might be interested in the archaeological records to be found via Heritage Gateway, and the splendid Flying Past website. Both provide a wealth of information relating to sites covering the Bronze Age through to the post Medieval.